Instruction on operating service Stories Album PRO
Recommendations for AR Photo Stories Album
Photo which is used as a marker in AR shall comply with the following requirements:

  1. Sufficient number of details. Some text or other element can be added to solve this issue. + the photo shall have clear edges (example of clear edges below)
  2. Big “blurry” parts in the image are missing (for example, some problems can emerge while using bokeh effect).
  3. High contrast between different parts of the photo.
  4. The image is not absolutely symmetric in respect to axes Х or Y (otherwise the video can be displayed expanded).
  5. If you want your files to be downloaded faster in PRO, as well as to fasten the files download on the phone when pointing at the QR-code, you can pre-compact the files to make them lighter. You can use the service here.
  6. Correct aspect ratio. That means, photos and videos shall be proportional. Supposing, the photo is horizontal and the video shall be too. Otherwise, PRO would cut your video. PRO cuts video upon photo size.

As different AR technologies are used on different devices, these faults can display differently on devices with operating systems iOS and Android. It is recommended to check your animated photos on both systems in order to avoid faults.
Correct images for AR
Incorrect images for AR
Correct images for AR
Incorrect images for AR
AR shall operate normally, as the photo and the background have clear edges.
AR shall operate with faults (twitch/turn over), as AR does not indicate the image edges and where to insert video.
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Masks/alfa channels in Stories Album PRO
Recommendations for masks in Stories Album
1. Mask: the black background is not animated, the white background is animated in the picture.
ATTENTION! The name of the mask - alpha1.jpg (You need to change on your name)

2. Prepare your photo and video. Photo and video shall have the same aspect ratio.

3. You need to download a photo into PRO with the background you shall print in order that AR would operate normally without twitching. It is important that your background print and the downloaded photo background in PRO would match.
Example of mask operation:
Download in PRO:
Your photo is animated only in the specified part
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